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Wed Nov 27, 2013, 10:38 AM

I got tagged by :iconvatorx:

(I've actually never gotten tagged in one of these things before.. so I hope I'm doing it right... although that doesn't seem very likely...)

1. you must post the rules
2. Each person must share 10 things about them
3. Answer 10 questions in your journal and create 10 questions for the people you tag to answer
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your Journal
5. Go to their page and inform them they were tagged(I don`t see why, We have mention now)
6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
7. There IS no rule 7

:iconvatorx: 's Questions for me

1. If you could bring one of your characters to real life, which one would you choose ?
Bullet; Green Well, this would be a very unwise choice, but I would probably pick Noel DelMonde.  He's undeniably a fascinating person, but as a telepath with a notoriously bad temper -- so I'm afraid he might make a difficult houseguest...

2. If you could choose to give that character free will in real life, or make them do whatever you wished, which option would you pick ?
Bullet; Green Well, ethically I would feel compelled to grant him free will, but if we were to be roommates for any length of time, I'm sure I would at times regret that decision...

3. How many cups of coffee do you drink each day ?
Bullet; Green None. When I was a little girl, my grandfather told me drinking coffee would make my nose turn brown, so I never started.

4. If aliens were to invade Earth, V style, would be a collaborator or fight in the resistance ?
Bullet; Green I hope I would be brave enough to be part of the resistance.

5. If you could choose between ensuring the end of decease and hunger for all humans on earth, or receiving 5000 billion dollars and knowing you'll live to be 120 years old without health issues, which one would you pick ?
Bullet; Green I think I'd go for ending hunger and disease.  Would be better to live in a world that was a better, happier place no matter how long I lived.

6. If you could remake the ending of a Star Trek show, which show would you pick ?
Bullet; Green TOS -- They didn't have a real send off, just a last episode.  I would create an episode that was the end of the five year mission, give everyone new assignments, and let them have a chance to say goodbye... oh, and of course I'd put in one last threat from some old enemy (probably the Klingons) that would give the crew the chance to pull off one last, heroic, galaxy-saving feat before I wrapped the episode up.

7. If you could bring one actor or actress from the past back to life, which one would you pick ?
Bullet; Green Oh, there's so many... I think I'd pick Clark Gable.  I would like to see what he could do in modern action/adventure movies.

8. Rizzoli or Isles ?
Bullet; Green I've not watched that show, but I've heard it's very good!

9. Xena or Gabrielle ?
Bullet; Green Actually, my favorite characters on that show were Ares and Callisto...

10. Kirk or Picard ?
Bullet; Green Spock

:iconmylochka: My questions for you

1. Let's start with some healthy self-promotion -- What is your favorite picture (by you, of course) in your gallery? [include a thumbnail so we can see it]
2. Since turnabout is fair play, now what is your favorite picture by me from my gallery? (assuming you have one... if not, just post a random picture of a Boston Terrier looking guilty and/or wearing a Star Trek costume and I'll be happy...)
3. To borrow from a question :iconvatorx: asked, me -- In the original run of Star Trek, there was no grand final episode to celebrate the end of the run.  If you were create a special last episode for Kirk and crew, what plot elements would you include in your script?
4. Pretend that studio executives have decided that there should be a new Star Trek series and have picked you to come up with ideas for a pilot episode.  What idea for a new series would you pitch?
5. How do you feel about the J.J. Abrams Trek movies? [You may use an emoticon to answer if you can find one that appropriately captures the gamut of your reactions...]
6. If the events of "Where no Man Has Gone Before" had not happened, how would the presence of Gary Mitchell have changed the relationship between Kirk and Spock? (If you have no strong opinions about speculative Mitchell/Kirk/Spock dynamics -- because, yeah... that's probably just me -- you can just ramble on about how cute Lt. Helen Noel or T'Pol or Mress is for a line or two or pick which Star Trek character you'd like to have as you co-pilot for a cross country road trip in a Volvo station wagon.)
7. Back to art -- Imagine some aspiring young artist is picking up Poser or DAZ Studio for the first time.  What advice would you give him or her?
8. If you could magically develop one new artistic ability (such as suddenly being able to sculpt perfect likenesses of cats or something equally useful) what gift would you wish for?
9. What's up with these kids today? I mean, sheesh, back in my day....
10. To best please my watchers, what sort of render should I do next? Green ladies? Blue ladies? Helen Noel looking cute? Sulu in a Volvo station wagon with a Boston Terrier wearing Spock ears?

People I will tag:
:iconptrope: :iconrob-caswell: :iconcelticarchie: :iconmdbruffy: :iconvilmur: :iconpaudraic: :iconjaguarry3: :iconmototsume: :iconnvoracle: :iconarchangel72367:


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I am a Star Trek TOS fan artist and fanfic writer. I currently write and draw for the Valjiir Universe.

Some of my older work can be found at these sites:………


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For the renewed upgrade: Sa-lute!!
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I've seen some of your artworkand am very impressed! I have a request for you.

Do you do Star Trek Enterprise Characters?

If so I have a couple of requests for Travis Mayweather and Hoshi Sato
Can you Do a drawing of them on their weddng day and one of them making love? Thanks!
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Thank you for the fav.
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Thanks for the models. :D
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