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Trek Groups on DA

Journal Entry: Wed May 23, 2012, 1:11 PM
For your reference and mine, here are the groups that I know of on Deviant Art that collect Star Trek fanart.  Please let me know if I've left any out.

Also -- [pet peeve mode] If you're a founder of one of these groups without an icon -- I will MAKE one for you and send directions on how to POST it. Right now. As we speak. Note me.  Let's clean this up, people. [/peeve mode]

:iconstar-trekking:  :iconstartrek:  :iconfantrek: :iconstartrek-fanart: :iconstarfleet-academy: :icontrek-universe: :iconstartrekjunkies: :icontrekkies-r-us: :iconbestoftrek: :iconstartrek-club: :iconstarfleet-command: :iconsteu-fanclub: :iconoperation-gtfo: :iconoc-star-trek: :iconstartrekuniverse: :iconstartrekforever: :icontreklovers: :iconstartrek-madebyfans::iconstar-trekkers::icon1stassaultfleet: :iconsteu-fanclub: :iconstar-trekkin:

Specific Trek Races:
:iconwe-luv-romulans: :iconromulan-star-empire:
:iconvulcan-love: :iconvulcanophilia: :iconvulcanfanciers: :iconvaksur-vuhlkansu:
:iconborg-collective: :icondark-frontier:
:iconvorta-appreciation: :iconst-victoryislove:
:iconstartrekaliens: :iconstartrekrarespecies: :iconstartrekalienlife:

Specific Characters:
:iconteamspock: :iconzachary-spock-sylar: :iconleonardnimoysfans: :iconreboot-spock-prime: :iconlongtimespockfans: :iconspockart::iconspockfans::iconspockprimeorspock:
:iconteamkirk: :iconwilliam-shatner-club: :iconkirk-love: :iconchrispine:
:iconchekovfanz: :iconteam-koenig: :iconchekovfansunited: :iconi-ken-do-zat:
:iconteammccoy: :icondr-mccoy-fan-club: :icondeforestkelleyfans: :iconmccoylovers: :icondeforestkelley4ever:
:iconseven-of-nine-love: :iconjeri-ryan: :iconjeriryanfc:

Specific Trek Eras:
:iconstar-trek-mu: :iconmirror-trek:
 :iconlaugh-love-and-tng: :iconstar-trek-tng-fans:
:iconstartrek--deepspace9: :iconstartrek-ds9fans:
:iconstar-trek-reboot: :iconstar-trek-2009: :iconstartrekintodarkness:

Role Playing for Specific Vessels:
:iconthe-uss-catalyst: :iconstartrekeuropa: :iconstartrek-venture: :iconthe-uss-equinox: :icontot-legacy: :iconst-gravity: :iconstar-trek-freedom: :iconquincy-tlg: :iconstartrekepsilon: :iconstar-trek-rp: :iconstarfleetrescuesquad:

:iconspockchristinelovers: :iconspockxchapel: :iconspockandsaavik: :iconkirkxrand: :iconsarekandamanda: :iconspockanduhura: :iconchekovxuhura: :iconmccoyxtonia: :iconmccoyxchapel: :iconsuluhura:
:icontom-x-belanna: :iconodo-x-kira: :icondoctorx7-of-9-group:
:iconamouktimeplz: :iconpoly-trek: :iconstartrekyaoi: :iconstartrekslash: :iconslashtrek: :iconnutrekslash: :iconspirk-lovers: :iconspirk-love-club::iconspirk-kingdom: :iconnuspockandkirk: :iconmccoykirk:
:iconchulu-fans-unite: :iconscones-trekkies: :iconmccoykirk: :iconjaneway-x-seven: :icongarak-x-bashir: :iconspirk: :iconmccoyxchekovfans:

:iconshipsoftheline: :iconstar-trek-ar: :iconmassive-starships: :iconepicstarships: :iconstartrekenterprise: :iconstar-trek-sotf: :iconsfcorpsofengineers:

Art Medium Specific:
:iconstartrekartistsunite: :iconstartrekcgi: :iconblenderncc-1701:

:icontreklit: :icontu-publishing: :iconkirk-spock-lit:  :icontrekkieinserts:

Online Comics:
:iconstartrekanewstage: :iconstar-trek-fan-comic:

:iconstartrekonline: :iconstar-trek-armada-2: :iconstartrek-aworldapart: :iconstoplayers::iconchampions-of-cait:

Original Characters:
:iconoc-star-trek: :iconstarfleet-academy: :iconstar-trek-tng-ocs: :iconthe-alpha-quadrant: :iconstar-trek-oc-gallery:

Other Interest Areas:
:iconkid-trek:  :iconstartrekcomics: :icontrekcrack:  :iconstartrek-mpreg: :iconstartrek-genderswap: :iconstartrekfurries: :iconfurs-and-tos-trekers: :icontribbles-overload: :iconstartrekanewstage::iconshertrekwho::icontrekgalacticacaprica::icontrek-wars:
:iconstartreklego: :iconask-startrek: :iconstar-trek--cosplay::iconteam-briana-storm: :iconstadoptionpalace: :iconadopt-a-trekkichibi:

Science Fiction Groups with Star Trek folders:
:iconsci-fi-society: :icontv-shows: :iconfanzone: :iconsci-fi-me:  :iconscifi-fanatics: :iconsf3dff: :icondenverstarfest: :iconspockters: :iconstarwholock: :iconfandom-kingdom: :icongeek-universe:

Art by Mylochka
Skin created using a base from TrueBlueDoctor


T'Pol 03 by mylochka
T'Pol 03
Re-working an alternate render of an image I've posted previously

V4 with morph by Porthos (available here:… )with original textures (availble here:… )
RQ Hair for V4 (available here:… ) with original textures (available here:… )
V4 Bodysuit with original textures (available here:…
7 of 9 Wallpaper 02 by mylochka
7 of 9 Wallpaper 02
A re-do of an alternate "take" of an earlier render...

V4 with original morph
Clandestine Hair by Valea
V4 Bodysuit by DAZ with original texture
Face and hand appliances are a texture by :icontimberoo: (available here: )
Borg Alcove by mattymanx

Rendered in Poser 8
Postwork in Photoshop CS2

Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry
Paramount holds the trademark
Pelori 02 by mylochka
Pelori 02
Experimenting with a very shallow depth of field... and lots and lots of freckles.

V3 with original morph and texture
Anya Curls by Swam and Goldtassel
Winter Clothes Outfit by Nekoja

Rendered in Poser 9
Postwork in Photoshop CS2
Dr. McKennah 04 by mylochka
Dr. McKennah 04
Another take on my morph for the "Star Trek Continues" original character, Dr. Elise McKennah.  

V4 with original morph
Frovida Hair by 3Dream and Mairy (with some extra bangs photoshopped in) with original texture
Courageous Costume with texture by :iconjamesjab:

Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry
Paramount holds the copyright
Victorian Underwear for V4 Courageous by mylochka
Victorian Underwear for V4 Courageous

Boots, Bloomers, and Camisole textures for DAZ's Courageous costume for V4

Hope you can get some use out of these textures -- And if you do, please include *iconmylochka* (replace the asterisks with colons) somewhere in the description of your image.  This will make your image show up in the "mentions" section of my comment stack so I can go see what you've done.  No pressure -- It just makes me happy to see people using my textures.


mylochka's Profile Picture
Trek and 3D Art Afficionado
United States
I am a Star Trek TOS fan artist and fanfic writer. I currently write and draw for the Valjiir Universe.

Some of my older work can be found at these sites:………


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Thanks for adding the Romulan Transporter Room and Corridor to your collection. I'm glad you like them.
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I've seen some of your artworkand am very impressed! I have a request for you.

Do you do Star Trek Enterprise Characters?

If so I have a couple of requests for Travis Mayweather and Hoshi Sato
Can you Do a drawing of them on their weddng day and one of them making love? Thanks!
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